PINS announce North American tour dates

If you've been hanging around Aimless Skylarking, you know that I just might be a tiny fan of the PINS.  Their ultra cool and fun debut LP 'Girls Like Us' has been in constant rotation around my house and while slaving away at my full time job.  It's far too assured to be a first time effort, but it is.  'Lost Lost Lost' just stuns we every single time -- the beat, that riff, the 'shhhh", the yelps.  Wow.

By the looks of their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, the Manchester, England based band has been hard at work on new music, and also having hen parties (with an interesting pin the "tail" game).  To be honest, if the new music/album was just 40 minutes of them tuning their instruments and talking about how they take their tea, I'd probably buy it.  In vinyl too.  But, I trust they wouldn't do anything of the sort.

Anyway, the band has announced they are returning to North American for what appears to be about 2 weeks worth of dates.  Sadly, nothing close to me in Alabama, but, I'm going to consider the New York City dates -- it's only a 2 hour flight.

October 12th - Seattle, WA at Sunset Tavern

October 14th - Portland, OR at Mississipi Studios

October 15th - Vancouver, BC at Electric Owl

October 17th - San Francisco, CA at Rickshaw Stop

October 18th - Los Angeles, CA at Culture Collide

October 19th - San Diego, CA at The Hideout

October 20th-25th New York, NY at CMJ Music Marathon

I visited the UK back in late May and early June for two weeks -- Cornwall, Bath, Brecon Beacons, and then 2 nights in London.  Sadly, I didn't see any live music while I was there, but I did see the band in London.  Coming back from some Friday night photos of Tower Bridge, I saw the band hailing a cab on City Road near Finsbury Square.  They were all dressed up, hard to not recognize them, but by the time I could tell my wife and our friends to stop, the band had slipped into their taxi and were whisked away into the night.

If you are in any of the cities they are visiting, get out to see them.  From what I've heard from their fans, and seen on YouTube, their live show is electric, and not to be missed.

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