Secret Stages 2014

Just back from Birmingham and knee deep in editing photos from each performance I attended.  Over the course of the evening, I took close to 1000 photos, and given the tricky lighting in every venue, it's been tedious work so far.  Anyway, more about what I saw and liked later, for now, going to share a few photos from Pujol's electric performance on the main stage at Secret Stages last night.

If you watch HBO's Game of Thrones, you'll know the name and story of Bran Stark.  If not, go read this, and then check out this photo. Now that that's sorted out, here's the photo I took of Pujol last night channeling Bran Stark, or perhaps he's a Warg too.  It's not a sharp photo at all, and it won't make my portfolio, but I had to show it.

And here are a few more from his set that I liked.  More to come.

For the rest of the photos from Pujol's performance, visit my Flickr page.  In addition to more photos from Pujol's set at Secret Stages, check back here for my photos from the performances of Aida Victoria, Morgan Pennington, and Gold Plated Gold.