Secret Stages 2014

I'm headed down to Birmingham in the early afternoon tomorrow for the 2nd day of the Secret Stages Festival.  I have my VIP ticket ready, which means I can eat and drink, and I also have a shiny press/photo pass in hand.  And it's all because of this website.  If you are a reader here, thank you for reading.  While I say this website is the main reason, I am sure the photography bits here and there didn't hurt, but I'd like to think my advocacy of new and unsigned bands would be a deciding factor.  

Anyway, my itinerary is all but squared away, I say "all but" because here at the last minute, I'm adding more and more artists to the list.  I'm already in a quandary with Pujol and The Debauchees playing at the same time, and now, it seems I might have to zip a few blocks over to catch Morgan Pennington's set just as Pujol's set ends.  And yes, Morgan is a late add to my list.

Why do I always do this to myself?  Here I am, have had 2 beers, big beers too, 9% in alcohol, and then 2 drams of single malt, listening to music, working out my schedule.  It should have been done days ago.  To make matters worse, I'm battling an ear infection and can hardly hear out of one ear, hence the nips of single malt, and I am adding bands.  Good bands too.

So far, yes I will blurb these bands later, I'm going to check out Aida Victoria, Brian Olive, The Memphis Dawls, Pujol, The Debauchees, Morgan Pennington, and a few others.  I hope to see you there.