It's a lazy weekend around here, hot and rainy, and I'm still recovering from an ear infection.  It's not really infected, just fluid behind the ear which hasn't been painful, and no vertigo, but still annoying.  Anyway, I had planned to take the weekend off from this place, but decided to pop in to share a few photos from last weekend's Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham.

One thing I always try to do is photograph the footwear of the artists on stage, not sure why, I certainly don't have a foot fetish and I don't collect shoes.  It's just different from the usual shots, and that's why I like it.  Sometimes I get a good shot, sometimes it's blurry, or too dark, and it's a loss.  Not so last weekend, here are a few that turned out nice.

Pujol's black leather boots.  My Dad had a pair just like that in the 70's down to the straps and the buckle. 

Ruby Rogers of Adia Victoria.

Adia Victoria

Morgan Pennington of And The Echo.