Song of the Day - Alright

Since writing about The Dead Tapes 6-7 weeks back, I've kept an eye on the band.  What I saw back then on those crude YouTube videos was a spirited and raw band, and despite the amateur videos, the band made some really great sounding rock and roll.  And now they've released 3 hard charging manic blasts of garage rock with a decidedly White Stripes sound.  There's no denying the influences here, and it is pronounced, listen to the Jack White inspired vocal stylings and guitar freakouts.  But, it doesn't come off as a labored pale shadow, instead, it's bluesy fun, and entirely full of promise.  

The Norfolk, VA based 2-piece band consists of Aaron Bariso on vocals/guitar and Eddie Barber on drums.  Listen to 'Alright' below.

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