Song of the Day - Business Ethics

Gold Plated Gold was on my Secret Stages schedule based on the strength of their song, Business Ethics.  The song is a perfect garage power pop song -- great riff and vocals.  The rub, of course, was that the venue they were playing was a bit out of the way, 2 blocks North of the main stage.  And I wasn't in a walking mood -- ear infection and an uncomfortable camera bag to contend with made the decision difficult.  But, I'd had a beer, heard some great music from Adia Victoria, and decided the walk was in the cards.  It was time to hear some more good music, that's why I was there.

As I walked up to the venue, Pale Eddie's Pour House, I was complimented on my choice of t-shirts by someone standing outside.  Mostly I get odd looks when I wear my Cymbals t-shirt, mainly because nobody has heard of the obscure pop band from London, but not today.  I had a "no shit, seriously" moment before settling down to talk Cymbals.  Turns out, the person doing the complimenting was none other than the lead singer/guitarist of Gold Plated Gold, Blake.  We had a nice chat about Cymbals and a few other obscure synth-pop bands before he excused himself to get his equipment set up.

Their energetic set was fast and loud, yet incredibly melodic.  They hardly paused for a breath, lathering up into a full sweat as their fun filled 30 minute set wound down.  I'm a fan.

From the end of the bar, maybe 6 feet away from the tiny stage, I snapped over 100 photos of the band (still editing).  The window behind the stage was a bit troublesome, but I managed to get a handful of shots I liked, like the one one below which shows the band's energy.

Since I enjoyed their set so much, today's Song of the Day is Business Ethics.  Listen below.

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