Song of the Day - Mathematics

I missed The Debauchees at Secret Stages last weekend, and I'm sad about that.  A scheduling conflict was the root of the problem, Pujol on the main stage or The Debauchees 2 blocks North in a small club where I'd just seen Gold Plated Gold perform.  Pujol won out, and seriously rocked.  Glad I caught his set.

One of these days, I will see this band.  They're just that good, and have a strong future.  Describing their style is problematic though.  Mainly because I've not heard a young band with such an interesting sound.  It's fresh and vital, new, yet sounds vintage at the same time.  Soon, maybe when I've not had two high gravity beers I can write something proper, using adjectives other than awesome or good or great.  Anyway, today's Song of the Day is The Debauchees excellent tune Mathematics.  So good.  Listen below.