Song of the Day - Parsnip

I really like parsnips, but not until recently.  My wife will eat just about anything, not lips and assholes like Andrew Zimmern, but since she grew up in the country with a large garden, she had to eat what was put on her plate.  When I was a kid, I wadded up green beans up in a napkin and threw that shit in the garbage.  Broccoli didn't even make it to the plate.  Anyway, a few years ago, she cooked up a serving of oven roasted parsnips and I haven't looked back.  Delicious and good for you, high in potassium to boot for all the heart health nuts too.  Toss in some sweet potatoes and I'm in love.  Have even embraced many of those greens I turned my nose up to way back when.

So, anyway, what do parsnips have to do with music?  Well, when I saw my new favorite band Amanda X had a song named Parsnip, I was intrigued.  On their debut LP, Amnesia, I really love Guatemala, Dream House, Tunnels, Trouble, Paranoia, and that kick ass riff on Low and Mean, but Parsnip is the finest song of the lot.  On an album of break-up songs, Parsnip moves on from the break-up, but maybe everything isn't all right.  But it will be, in time.  Time and resolve really does heal those wounds.  Soaring vocals, spot on harmonies, driving guitar, and a beat to hell drum kit make this song a favorite.  It's my Song of the Day.

 Listen below.

Amanda X is on tour right now, catch them if you can.  If they ever dip down South to Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, or Atlanta, I'll be there.  

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And definitely check them out on Twitter for some witty fun.