Song of the Day - Ultraviolet

One of my favorite discoveries from this year's Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham was the synth-pop band, Morgan Pennington and the Echo.  Now, just And The Echo, Morgan hasn't left the band, just a slight name change.  Their Secret Stages' set at the M-Lounge was one of the highlights of my Saturday at the festival.  Despite what I think was venue related sound issues, the band performed a tight set to a good sized crowd.  I even left with an earlier Morgan Pennington EP, Wolves.

Honestly, I've never been a huge fan of synth-pop, it was always just a nostalgic novelty from my teens.  But, in the past year or so, Chvrches got me excited about the genre, and then London's Empathy Test really upped the ante.  And now it seems like And The Echo has burrowed under my skin.

Just last week I made 'Okinawa' my Song of the Day, and now I have to do it all over again with the release of a new single.  This time out with the excellent track 'Ultraviolet'.  Throbbing synths punctuate a dark and brooding track made for the shadowy corners of a lonely night.  One would hope that digital and physical releases will be on the horizon.  At least I hope so, I need to listen to this in my car!  Listen to 'Ultraviolet' below.

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