Song of the Day - Up

Cheers to Leigh over at Just Music That I Like for writing about Meenk.  As I've said before, occasionally our tastes intersect, and this is one of those times.

Meenk is May Rio, formerly of Austin, Texas, now in New York City.   Meenk's 4-track debut EP, 'Scamu Scau' features lovely melancholic vocals which reminds me of Jessica Lea Mayfield in many ways.  Effortless and fragile yet beautiful.  Musically, Meenk is lo-fi melodic garage pop, classified as skew gaze, and I think that description fits well.

Of the 4 tracks on the EP, my favorite is 'Up', and is my Song of the Day.  The EP is free to download on her Bandcamp page, but why do that?  Stream it, love it, and then buy it.  Listen to 'Up' below.

In addition to the EP, on YouTube, she has uploaded her "first love song" 'Firefly', a wonderfully plaintive tune.

A recent post on Facebook mentioned turning the solo project into a full band, and with that, I hope we all get to hear more from this talented artist in the future.  Scamu Scau is a promising start.

For more information on Meenk: