Weekend deliveries

So, I think I have a band t-shirt problem.  Probably not a problem like some have, but so far this year, I've bought maybe 10-12.  To make matters worse, I don't work where I can wear t-shirts on a daily basis, maybe on Casual Friday but anything less than a polo shirt and jeans is frowned upon.

Still that didn't keep me from buying Bully's new t-shirt design, just weeks after buying one of their t-shirts with an old design.  It was in yesterday's mail, and even looks better in person than I thought it would.  Nice work guys!  In fact, it was a piece of art, I'd display it.

What do you think?  

Also in this weekend's mail was The Debauchees debut LP, Big Machines and Peculiar Beings.  This time it's on CD, not vinyl.  I've had a chance to listen to it distractedly 2-3 times, and then once in peace.  It's all sorts of fantastic, and will definitely get some love here once I can digest the album and let it settle a bit.