Cassette Store Day

Since I don't have a cassette player, and I am not planning on buying one, I didn't buy any of the Cassette Store Day releases.  However, I did pick up a few holdovers from this year's Record Store Day -- two 45's from Pujol.  This was also my first visit to the local vinyl shop, Vertical House Records, and I will be returning.  This was probably the most vinyl I've seen in one place in years, lots of used, but also a nice selection of new stuff as well.  

Now, I need to buy Pujol's 'Reunited States of Being' from Saddle Creek, digitally of course.  And the Haus of PINS has said they'll have a few cassettes on their website very soon, and I hope that will either include digital copies, or have the option for digital only purchase.  I'd love to have digital of their latest EP, 'Come Back', and the Brown Brogues and Eternal Summers split EP.