Cut Ribbons announces new EP

Aimless Skylarking favorites Cut Ribbons have announced a new EP, Sail, set for an October 20th release.  The 4-track EP contains what appears to be two brand new songs, 'Sink Ships' and 'I'm a Wretch', this year's lovely 'In the Rain', and new/old fan favorite 'Walking on Wires'.  A video for the song 'Walking on Wires' is in the works, and should be gracing our eyes with its presence very soon.  

Long time fans will recognize 'Walking on Wires' as a song the band has recorded before, and may even own early takes of the song, but don't let that keep you from listening.  The new take displays the band's fine tuned sound and features slicker production values for a superior listening experience.  It's bigger and brighter than anything they've done, and isn't to be missed.  Listen below.


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