Empathy Test releases first single from Throwing Stones EP

Empathy Test has released the first single from their upcoming EP, 'Throwing Stones'.  The 4 track EP is the London based band's second EP, following this year's highly successful 'Losing Touch', and will be released December 9th on the Brooklyn based Stars & Letters record label.  The band has had a summer full of highlights already with a record deal and their first gig. Couple that with soundtracks for Climate ChangeNBA playoffsBill Murray art, and animated cats, and the band is vying for "The Best Year Ever" award.  Join me in streaming the lovely 'Throwing Stones' below.

I spoke to the band today about their first gig and their new single.  Here's what they had to say.


Q: First gig is under your belt now, overall, how did it go?  Any glitches, pleasant surprises, pre-show jitters?  

Empathy Test: Isaac locked himself out of his flat just before the gig, with all of his stuff inside. Luckily, a builder working nearby helped him break back in, so he could grab his synth and get to Adam's in time for a last minute rehearsal. When it was time to leave, it was discovered that Adam hadn't even showered. One shower later, tempers were frayed, to say the least. But the show itself was incredible, everything sounded amazing and there were so many people there to see us. We were walking on air afterwards.

Q: A few fans traveled great distances to see the show.  How did that make you feel?  

Empathy Test: We were in disbelief. A couple had flown from Norway to see us. We took them to a house party after the gig and they left around 4-5am to go get a plane at 9am, or something ridiculous. That's dedication. They were really cool and we're looking forward to seeing them in Oslo sometime. Apart from that, some very special people flew in from Germany, it was pretty crazy.

Q: Isaac, did you expect your shirt to be such a polarizing topic?  

A: I hadn't even thought about it to be honest. It's one of my favourite t-shirts so I was surprised at the Facebook comment about "getting a better shirt". It came off a lot better in the Louder Than War review (not literally!) where Keith Goldhanger said we should have been projecting the birds of prey onto the wall behind us. Projections are certainly something we want to do in the near future.

Q: When is the next performance, and how will it be different than the 1st show?

Empathy Test: Next gig is 10th of October at The Camden Enterprise in er...Camden, London. It's pretty low-key really, we're the second band on of five at 8:30pm, which will be a little different to our début, where we headlined. Our aim is just to upstage the bands above us on the bill! There's also an after party at a nearby club, where Isaac's doing a live PA too. But that's a secret.

Q: Will the set list differ?

Empathy Test: To be honest, we may shuffle the set list a bit, but because the EP release is still a way off it'll be a similar set to our début show. Maybe we'll throw in another new one, but we only have 30 minutes.

Q: Has any event along the way caused you to take a moment to reflect on what just happened?  Has there been a "Wow!" moment?

Empathy Test: Let's just say that there was a guy at the gig who owns a festival and he wants us to play it next year. It's not Glastonbury, but it's big; very big. More on that once it's confirmed! His friend is also flying us out to Dresden in December to play at a club there. Apart from that, our new single just premièred on the website of one of the biggest music magazines in the UK...that's pretty amazing.

Q: Tell us about Throwing Stones.  What made it the first single from the EP?  

Empathy Test: There was never really any question about it being the first single. As soon as we sent it to Stars & Letters they were like, "well, obviously 'Throwing Stones' is the lead track". It has this enthralling, dream-like quality about it, similar to 'Kirrilee'. We hope it proves to be as popular as 'Kirrilee' was, but we'll see. Following its inclusion in the Climate Change Reality Project video, it looks like 'Here Is The Place' will be the next track to be released, then 'Holding On'.


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