Music in the mail

Lots of new music and merchandise landed on my doorstep this week.  Even a few items from the UK.  First off was Bird's amazing LP 'My Fear in Me' in vinyl.  When it was released, the only available format in the States was digital, so that's what I bought.  Since I loved the album so much, I decided I had to own it properly.  It's not that digital music isn't a proper way to own music, it's just I require something tangible.  After a bit of shipping delay, guitarist Sian e-mailed me about a delay in LP mailers, I now have this lovely slab of vinyl in my hands.  They even pitched in a t-shirt, my wife called dibs on it.  Mainly because it is a small, and while I am not a heavy guy, it would look like sausage casing on me.

On the same day came my Pledge Music package from Esben and the Witch.  Included in the package is their new album, 'A New Nature' and a bonus disk, 'And New Life Blossoms From The Ruins', as well as an awesome t-shirt.  As a bonus, the extra disk is signed.  And if you look closely on the liner notes, my name is on the second line of the "Thank You" section.  

In today's mail, two CD's -- Strand of Oaks' 'Heal' and Bass Drum of Death's 'GB City'.  Strand of Oaks' 'Shut In' is on the schedule for a Song of the Day very very soon as I think it's a damn fine song.  Just filling in my collection with 'GB City', cool album, and can't wait for their new one to go live in 2 weeks.  

And finally, two from eBay.  First is a sealed deluxe version of The Unforgettable Fire which was about half the price of Amazon.  The second is The Joy Formidable's rare EP, Roarities, which is often out of stock on Amazon, and overpriced for the content.  Love the band, support them like crazy, but $25 for 2 remixes and 3 live takes is out of my reach.  But, I am sure they don't make the prices.  Anyway, had to have both for the collection.