Song of the Day - Carpet of a Crest

I've been walking around all day puzzled as to what or who I was going to write about.  With a rammed email box, and scribbled on notepads scattered all over my desk, you'd think I wouldn't have a problem with such things.  And, normally, I don't but today is different.  Maybe it's the heat, 95° F is miserable.

Anyway, it all became clear when I looked down at the t-shirt I was wearing, a green Esper Scout t-shirt.  Earlier this year, I picked up the band's EP, Poet Curses, putting it into heavy rotation all this spring.  Then, I had a t-shirt shipped over to the States, and even wore it when I photographed The Joy Formidable at the Party in the Park Festival in May.  Great guitar rock with spot on vocal harmonies wins me over every time, and Esper Scout has that, but when I saw the t-shirt, I was in deep.

A bit of research about the band's name uncovered the inspiration -- a Sci-Fi title by Alfred Bester, The Demolished Man.  Being a Sci-Fi fan, even was in a book club for close to 7 years, I think it's cool the band used a bit of vintage Sci-Fi for a band name.  So, right, in Bester's work, Espers are telepaths, but that doesn't even begin to explain the depth of the concepts cleverly wrapped inside the police procedural novel. Bester deftly weaves complex ideas, even some really out there stuff, into a compelling piece of fiction, much like Philip K. Dick did a decade later.  It's a timeless classic, as is his other famous work, The Stars My Destination.    

Esper Scout is out of Leeds, England and has new music coming out this fall.  Today's Song of the Day is Carpet of a Crest and it's newly released video.  Watch it below.

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