Song of the Day - Demon Stuck In Your Eye

When I watch a LeButcherettes' video I expect batshit off the rails nuts.  The more the merrier, but the video for 'Demon Stuck in Your Eye' just might top anything they've done.  You've got folks smelling their dirty fingers, a guy digging a grave in the desert, Teri Gender Bender blindfolded in the trunk of a vintage Caddy, a stabbing and what appears to be a proposal.  And then some more finger sniffing.  What it all means, I haven't a fucking clue, but it's brilliant.  And the song is damn cool too.  'Demon Stuck in Your Eye' is the Aimless Skylarking Song of the Day, check out the video below.  

Would anyone care to take an educated, or a super wild ass guess as to what's going on in the video?  Or should we just leave it at "And they lived happily ever after."?

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