Song of the Day - For Blood

About to make my way to Birmingham for tonight's Bass Drum of Death show at the Bottletree Cafe.  I'll be photographing the show too, which is always a bit of added stress.  Not sure why, but I always get extremely distressed before such things, and every sort of precautionary measure does no good.  It all goes away once I start snapping photos, however, I won't give up my pre-show obligatory nip of nerve calming Scotch.

To keep myself from thinking about all that, I just finished whipping up a mix-CD for the ride down -- Bass Drum of Death, Eternal Summers, Hella Better Dancer, Abattoir Blues, Lazy Day, Beverly, Interpol, Robert Plant and Karen O are all included.  It's a mp3 data disk, so I can get several full length albums on the disk.  Anyway, today's Song of the Day is the excellent fresh new song from the band, 'For Blood'.  Stream it below.