Song of the Day - Never Enough

A few weeks back, I cozied up with Eternal Summers latest LP, 'The Drop Beneath', and fell in love with its dreamy indie pop tones with bits of shoegaze spattered around for good measure.  But don't let that pop tag fool you, it's also a fantastic guitar album.  I seriously love some of the sounds coming out of Nicole Yun's guitar.    

First time through 'The Drop Beneath' I found '100', 'Gouge', 'The Drop Beneath', and 'Never Enough' to be favorites, and their strength has kept the album in the rotation around here.  'Gouge' was the Song of the Day a few weeks back, and now they've gone and made a super fun video for 'Never Enough'.  I couldn't resist, it's the Aimless Skylarking Song of the Day, watch the video below.  Also, I'm pretty sure they do their own stunts.  

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