Song of the Day - Our Girl

When I become enchanted and entranced with a song, I don't stop there.  I seek out everything the artist/band has done, and then binge.  I've done just that after hearing the London based band Hella Better Dancer's stunning track 'Like A Child'.  I found their Bandcamp page and listened and listened to their two EPs -- Spring Demos 2012 and Living Room. And then I shifted to vocalist/guitarist Tilly Scantlebury's solo side project, Lazy Day, and her gorgeous tune 'Oldest Friend'.  Now, I've turned my gaze to guitarist/vocalist Soph Nathan's excellent effort, 'Our Girl'.  

'Our Girl' is dreamy and cool indie pop, it's a slight departure from Hella Better Dancer's shade, but that's not a bad thing.  Soph's lovely vocals are airy and light, and the orchestration pushes it all skyward.  What I've heard from Hella Better Dancer, Lazy Day and Soph Nathan is enough to know they have an innate ability to create exciting and fresh indie rock.  And I can't wait to hear more.

'Our Girl' is Aimless Skylarking's song of the day, stream it below.  If you like it, it's a free download.

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The band will be supporting another Aimless Skylarking favorite, Honeyblood, September 27th in Brighton, UK.  If I lived in the country, I'd be there!  Now, go, get a ticket, and see two fantastic bands perform.