Song of the Day - Rainbow

One day after releasing his 10th solo album, 'lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar', Robert Plant has released the video for the single, 'Rainbow'.

Outside of The Replacements, I can think of no other artist that I enjoy more.  He needs no love from a tiny indie music blog like this, or even the small amount of exposure that this place could possibly provide, but I enjoy the song and wanted to feature it.  Certainly this space could better be used for an indie band scratching for any sort of exposure, but sometimes you have to pause for things like this.

I have enjoyed everything he's done as a solo artist.  He hasn't stopped creating, and isn't afraid to try something new (go listen to some of his 80's work if you don't believe me).  I've seen him live twice, both times in the last few years, and was impressed.  The first time from the back row of a tiny theater with no air conditioning, the second time from the front row in a partially covered venue during a driving rainstorm.  

He claims that this might be his last effort, but I find that notion hard to believe.  But, if it is his final offering, it is a fine swan song.  Watch the video for 'Rainbow' below.