Song of the Day - Sexotheque

My apathy towards synth-pop has been documented here a few times, and it's truly time to let it go.  There's lots of reasons for the apathy, yet those reasons don't make much sense these days.  And they are kind of silly coming from an adult, but they originated back when I was an impressionable teen.  In my circle of friends, it just wasn't cool or accepted to listen to it.  Guitar bands ruled.  Anyway, over the last year I've opened up my ears to the movement and found some really strong bands making entirely irresistible and fun music. 

Chvrches and Empathy Test immediately come to mind as favorites, then, newcomer And The Echo is making a strong case for some serious love around the Aimless Skylarking headquarters. So what does all of that have to do with La Roux?  Well, chances are, I wouldn't have given her music a chance had those bands not shown me the way.  So, just last week, I stumbled across this video for her song, 'Sexotheque' and I can't quit listening to it.  It's the Aimless Skylarking Song of the Day!