Song of the Day - Whatever Just Go With It

The more I listen to The Debauchees, the more disgusted I become over missing them at the Secret Stages Festival this year. The schedule was terribly tight that day, and their set just happened to coincide with Pujol's headlining set on the main stage. Splitting the sets wasn't feasible either, the venues were 2 blocks apart, and I just didn't want to miss a minute of music. Enough with all the excuses, I really do hate I missed their set, but can only promise I'll see them soon, and give them a bit of press here.

After the festival, I bought their debut CD, 'Big Machines and Peculiar Beings', and it has been in heavy rotation around the Aimless Skylarking command center since.  "Rancid Dancin'" and "Mathematics" are standout tracks for me, but "Whatever Just Go With It" is slowly eclipsing those two first spin favorites.  Melodic and tight garage rock coming from a great young band.  What more could you ask for?  

Stream the excellent track 'Whatever Just Go With It' below, it is the Aimless Skylarking's Song of the Day.

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