Song of the Day - Winter is Cold

Discovering new music is one of the reasons why this website exists.  Finding something amazing is thrilling.  Sometimes it comes from a band or press agent submission, and sometimes it comes from listening to artists when they talk about who they are listening to.  All of that is great, but it's far sweeter when I happen across an artist I really like without any help.

I did just that when I found Caroline Says. After the Bass Drum of Death show at the Bottletree in Birmingham last week, I searched for the opening band, Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, and found his record label, Happenin Records. As I was searching for his name, I listened to a few tunes here and there from a few artists on the label, pausing when I heard Caroline Says.  It's dreamy pop tinged with folky vibes, seemingly wistful, and reminded me of those lonely late nights of my early 20's.

The first tune I heard was 'Winter Is Cold', it's lonely and stark and gorgeous, and it's the Aimless Skylarking Song of the Day.

Listened to a few other songs, 'Funeral Potatoes' is catchy with its clever piano melody, and not as weird as the title suggests.  And 'Lost Feeling' might just be the best song on the entire album.  Then there is a video for the song 'I Think I'm Alone Now'.  I couldn't find any information about the artist, no Facebook, no Twitter, just a Soundcloud page and a Bandcamp page.  I'm intrigued, as should you be.  

For more information on Caroline Says:

Happenin Records Profile