The Joy Formidable opens pre-order for Aruthrol B

The Joy Formidable have opened up pre-ordering for the second split single in their Aruthrol series. Aruthrol B features the band's latest Welsh single, 'Tynnu Sylw', and 'Red Light' by White Noise Sound. Also included is a digital download of the band's stunning score to Greg Jardin's poignant short film, 'Floating'.

Cover art by Gustavius Payne

Like last time, the vinyl release is limited.  £5 + £3 shipping in the UK, £6 shipping rest of the world. 

On a personal note, even though I don't understand Welsh, I find 'Tynnu Sylw' quite stunning.  Musically, it sounds nothing like anything they've done before, and I like it.  This new sound has a completely organic feel to it, it doesn't feel over processed, not that it ever does, but this just sounds like a band getting back to the basics.  They even tossed in a guitar solo, one that last about 3 minutes.  Those things went out with Eddie Van Halen's hip, yet it fits here, and it is refreshing.