Hella Better Dancer comes to a close

Just as I discover and really get into a band, they go and break up.  New found favorite, London based Hella Better Dancer has decided to close up shop and move on to other projects.  Here's the statement the band posted on Facebook and Twitter:

I even ordered some of their music in the last few weeks, 2 EPs from Amazon and the 'Sleeptalking' 7-inch from Beautiful Strange Records. But, I'm not terribly upset about it because they've left a stunning body of work, and are going on to other projects, projects that I also enjoy.  With that, best wishes to all in the band, and I hope I'll be able to catch a performance when I return to London next spring.  

As I close, I'm reminded of the lyrics to Lazy Day's 'With My Mind', 'Saying bye is always hard, I've hated it from the start.'