New video for Honeyblood

Another band that will feature heavily in my end of the year favorite lists is Honeyblood.  The Scottish 2-piece band's highly anticipated debut LP was in heavy rotation around the offices at Aimless Skylarking over the summer, and is still getting spins and adoration even after the newness has worn off. Even the discerning ear of the boss seems to like the bitter ditties that group has a penchant for harmonizing so damn well. 'Bud', 'Killer Bangs' and 'Super Rat' were the first spin favorites, but others such as 'Choker' and 'Biro' are being examined a bit closer these days. A little secret, the original version of 'Bud' (linked above) is better than the album track. Both versions are amazing, but I do prefer the original.

Their latest offering is the black and white noirish video for 'Choker', watch it below and become a fan as well.  Also, look for new band member Cat Myers, she makes an appearance.