Photos from Benjamin Booker at the Bottletree in Birmingham

Last Friday night I saw Benjamin Booker perform for the 2nd time. This time at one my favorite venues, The Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham, and the crowd was a bit bigger than the miserable show in Memphis when about 10 people showed.  Anyway, I wasn't able to secure a photo pass so I was left with just my phone to take photos.  However, the photos turned out okay because the head honcho at Aimless Skylarking, and also a huge Booker fan, managed to grab a spot right in front of Benjamin, and for once, the lighting was fantastic.  

The band has really polished their live show since seeing them in Memphis. They were tighter, the sound was great, and they seemed to be far more comfortable on stage playing together. The crowd erupted when the band broke into 'Violent Shiver' and didn't really let up after that. Dynamite show, and an energetic crowd made it a fun night all around.

After the show, we spoke with Alex and Max for a long time while Benjamin flitted back and forth, selling merchandise and talking with other fans. I, of course had a few too many beers that night, and had some clumsy conversations about grunge, and who knows what else. Enjoy the photos below, and if you get the chance, check out a live show, it's not to be missed.  And don't forget to say hello to the band afterwards, they're really nice guys.