PINS release video for new track, Come Back

The PINS have released the video for 'Come Back', from their eponymous titled Cassette Store Day EP.  The track, a cover of The Belles' obscure 60's gem, features everything that's great about the band -- spot on vocal harmonies and their impeccable retro stylings.  Check it out below.

The Manchester, UK based band has been here in the States for a few weeks now, recording out in the California desert, and by all accounts having fun if their Instagram photos are to be believed.  Before heading home, they've lined up a few West Coast dates before heading to NYC for a full week of dates as part of the CMJ.  Since their debut LP, 'Girls Like Us', landed in the mailbox at the Aimless Skylarking headquarters earlier this year, it has received more turntable time than any other album.  It's confident, cool, and just plain fun.  Get out to see them if you can, I'm certainly jealous.

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