Song of the Day - Fall by Souvenir Stand

When I was growing up, my Mother's record collection was always a source of curiosity, mostly for its diversity. It was all over the map, from Glen Miller, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, to the Four Tops, her tastes varied with each day. Her collection wasn't large, maybe 50 LP's in all, but every single album contained a story she loved. But there was one set I was obsessed with -- a K-Tel hits of the 60's 4-LP set. Suddenly, I found myself mesmerized by the sweet early 60's pop songs about holding hands, and swooning over the one you love by such bands as the Chiffons, Lesley Gore, Paul and Paula, The Angels, The Dixie Cups, The Shangri-Las, and The Shirelles. It was when I became a fan of music, and became conscious of what I was putting in my ears. 

When I first heard Souvenir Stand's song 'Fall', I was reminded of my younger years listening to my Mother's collection.  'Fall' is a dead ringer for those early 60's songs I fell in love with, completely capturing the spirit of that era. I'm anxious to hear more. Stream it below, and "fall" for it like I did, it's my Song of the Day. 

Souvenir Stand is based in New York City and consists of: Vocals/Keys - Stephanie, Guitar - Steve, Bass - Andrew, Drums - Rebecca.  

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For the introduction, a tip of the hat to Leigh over at Just Music That I Like, although, shortly after his entry, vocalist Stephanie emailed us here at Aimless Skylarking presenting her work.