Song of the Day - God Bless Your Soul by Grace Vonderkuhn

From this moment on I'll be swamped with lo-fi submissions, and I'm fine with that. I'm a fan of lo-fi, and have been since Paul Westerberg started recording first takes, shrink wrapping and shipping them back in 2002. Back then, I just called it demo quality, and left it at that because I knew Paul could get into a studio and polish it up. I was just ecstatic that the former Replacements' front-man was actually making music. And even though I knew he could do go into a proper studio and lord over every track and smooth them over, I was fascinated with the rough cuts, seemingly peeking in on his creative process and learning how a song was crafted. With that being said, I secretly hoped some of the better songs would get the treatment somewhere down the road, but they never did, looking back, I am happy for that.          

This Song of the Day entry isn't about Paul, it's about a musician out of Wilmington, DE named Grace Vonderkuhn. She submitted two lo-fi home recordings (EP coming in December), and they need sharing because they show great promise. In her email, Grace says she recorded both tracks at home on an 8-track in which she wrote, sang, and played all instruments. The two songs are polar opposites, one a fuzzy garage rocker, the other soft and heartfelt, give them a spin or three below. I like them both, but can't seem to decide which one should be the Song of the Day. So, for the sake of folks reading at work, I'll save you the indignity of clicking on a link with "Fucked" in it, 'God Bless Your Soul' is my Song of the Day.        

For more information on Grace Vonderkuhn: