Song of the Day - Good Year by Neil Jarvis

I'm going to continue the lo-fi theme around here today. This time we're focusing on an artist out of Manchester, UK, Neil Jarvis. Neil says his LP, 'Halloween Summer', is out on cassette right now via On the Grind Records, a Manchester label. That's a lot of music for £3 for those pinching pennies, or pence or pesos or whatever. Maybe Neil will let us know if it can be purchased digitally.  

Neil submitted his song 'Good Years' a few weeks back, and I'm just now getting back to really listening to it. Neil describes the song as surf lo-fi, and I can definitely hear that. It's dreamy California beach music, especially with the guitar tone, maybe not Jan and Dean surf music though, but that guitar riff is hard to beat. Call it what you want, it's lo-fi music at its best.

After a bit of digging around on Twitter and Facebook, I found that Neil's looking to put a full band together. At least he's looking for a guitarist, and in the middle of all of that, he mentioned Paul Westerberg. That was enough for me.  Anyway, Neil's got a great sound, and definitely not what I expected out of Manchester. Not that I would know what to expect from the city, I'm a million miles away, with only the PINS and Brown Brogues as reference points.

'Good Years' feels like it should be rolling during the credits of your favorite indie movie, it's my Song of the Day.  Stream it below.

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