Song of the Day - The Knot by Oracle Room

I'm going to CMJ next year. I might not have any vacation time left for the trip, but I will find a way to make it.  So many of my favorites played at the New York City fesitval this year -- PINS, AmandaX, Potty Mouth, Bully, Pinact, Beverly, Blank Range, and the list goes on. As I am scrolling through the list of bands, 1300 or more, I keep saying "yes, yes, damn, damn, yes".

The artist list has proven to be a big pot of inspiration for the staff here at Aimless Skylarking, which by staff I mean me, and only me. Anyway, a 2014 CMJ alum, Oracle Room, submitted their debut track a few weeks back, and I think it is a must share. Oracle Room is the music of Alex Nelson, a Brooklyn based artist. She submitted the band's single 'The Knot', and after listening to about 30 seconds, I added Oracle Room to my must see list. In the e-mail from Alex, the project is described as not really an electronic project. In our honest opinion, it certainly needs to be explored because that sinister synth track with those cool detached vocals is a winner. 'The Knot' is the Song of the Day, stream it and love it below.

For more information about Oracle Room: