Song of the Day - Leaving the Planet by Sarah Jaffe

This summer, NPR's All Things Considered turned me on to a Dallas based artist, Sarah Jaffe, by playing her track 'Some People Will Tell You', a synthy rocker featuring Sarah's lovely vocals.  Sadly, I couldn't feature the song because I couldn't embed it.  But, I didn't forget about her, and hoped to find something I could embed because I really enjoyed that song.  I even tracked her tour schedule, hoping she'd come near, and she did, but Nashville on a work night a few weeks back had to be missed.

Today, Sarah released the video for another stellar track, 'Leaving the Planet'.  It's a fuzzed up rocker with her fantastic voice on display.  The video is damn cool too.  Give it a listen below, it's my Song of the Day.

For more information on Sarah:




Her new LP, "Don't Disconnect" is out now on

Kirtland Records