Song of the Day - Lisa Loeb Probably Never Pierced Her Ears

The Brooklyn based band Field Guides is very new to me, only discovering them just this last week.  The curious song title was the initial draw, mostly because I remember all the hubbub surrounding Lisa Loeb's unlikely hit, 'Stay', way back in the mid 90's.  And once they attracted my attention, they held it.  Their quirky track doesn't disappoint with a 2 minute blast of jangle pop slyly riffing on Loeb's famous track.  It reminds me a bit of the Shins, endearing but tinged with melancholy.  Here's the 2nd verse:  

'You asked me to stay, I said I would stay

You asked me if I would stay, I said yeah

I told you I would stay and I stayed

Even after you went away

I still stayed'

Their new LP, 'Boo, Forever' is out 11/11 on Muir Woods Records.  So stay a while, and give "Lisa Loeb Probably Never Pierced Her Ears" a spin, it's the Aimless Skylarking Song of the Day.  Stream it below.

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