Song of the Day - Never by Goodman

It's been a productive week around Aimless Skylarking. The staff has put in several hours of overtime, sipping on coffee, burning the midnight oil to get several pieces prepped for these here pages. First on the to-do list was to tackle the absolute mountain of email submissions, and while they've not been summited, we've been able somewhat tame the inbox, for this week.

One submission that I've been revisiting often is one of New York City based artist Michael Goodman. One thing that struck me was his spectacularly awesome photo for his LP 'Isn't it Sad' because everyone loves a creepy puppet.  Right?  Or am I the only one?  No offense Michael, but you win.  High five.

Anyway, he submitted his latest single, 'I Would Die' a few weeks back, and while I enjoyed it, I clicked with the bubbly bitter slice of indie pop that is 'Never'.  Both tracks are worthy of a long listen for sure, but, for today, Goodman's song 'Never' is my Song of the Day.  Stream it and love it below.

For more information on Goodman: