Song of the Day - Talk To Me by Cymbals

London based band Cymbals released one of my favorite albums earlier this year, 'Age of Fracture'.  It had its roots firmly in the 80's, yet managed to not reek of nostalgia.  It was fresh and new, vibrant.  Standout tracks 'The Natural World' and 'Erosion' still figure prominently around the Aimless Skylarking command center, and on my mid-year favorites list, 'Erosion' was ranked as my favorite song of the 1st part of the year.  

This week, the band released a new song, 'Talk To Me', and it takes right up where the band left off with Age of Fracture.  It will be available December 1st on a limited 7-inch, 'What Eternity', by Tough Love Records.  The B-side will be the yet to be heard 'Innocence'.  Give 'Talk To Me' a spin or three below, it's my Song of the Day.

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