Song of the Day - tv by Lazy Day

If you've been milling around these pages over the past few weeks, you'll know that Aimless Skylarking has taken a shine to Hella Better Dancer.  And that lead to side projects from members of the band, Lazy Day and Soph Nathan.  Tracks from all 3 projects have provided much enjoyment over those days, some being listened to so many times consecutively that I received the stink eye from the head honcho.  From the first listen of Hella Better Dancer, the draw has always been intelligent restraint, mature themes, haunting vocals, and impeccable composition.  Even the band's first few offerings exhibited old soul sensibilities, and those traits are evident in the side projects.

Lazy Day started out as Tilly Scantlebury's solo side project, but now in the wake of Hella Better Dancer's dissolution, it's become a fully formed band.  A few weeks back we spoke about Lazy Day's marvelous track, 'Oldest Friend', and we aim to do the same today with what we think is the band's strongest work to date, 'tv'.  'tv' just passed 2000 plays on Soundcloud, more than 3000 less than 'Oldest Friend' and the equally stellar 'with my mind', and that's a criminally low number for such a hypnotic offering.  On my iPod Classic, 'tv' has surpassed Dylan's 'Shelter from the Storm' and The Joy Formidable's 'The Last Drop' as the most played, and was the exact song that triggered the stink eye.  The admiration is well deserved, Tilly's breathless vocals waver with quiet desperation in the face of heartbreak, tapping into a relatable pool of mature melancholy.  It's stunning, timeless, devastating, and shouldn't be missed.

If you are a fan of lonely night heartbreak songs like we are, then 'tv' will not disappoint.  Lazy Day's 'tv' is the Aimless Skylarking Song of the Day, stream and download it below.

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