Photos from Blank Range show

On Friday I wrote about Blank Range's awesome single, 'Scrapin'.  Did you read it?  If not, here it is again. Give it another listen while you check out a few photos from their October 17th performance at the Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham.    

Since I wasn't able to secure a photo pass for the night, I was stuck documenting the show with my cell phone. The lighting was so good that night too, but, alas, I was able to enjoy the show a bit more without the camera tied around my neck. I took a few photos of the guys in Blank Range, not nearly as many as I did of Benjamin Booker and crew, but what I took actually turned out well for phone photos.

The next photo is blurry, but shows bassist Aaron Wahlman's previously mentioned style -- high water jeans and Chuck Taylor's.  I've not seen a musician get into a performance as much as Aaron, certainly a compelling performer.