Photos of War Jacket at Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham

We like to get our money's worth at Aimless Skylarking. I wouldn't call us cheapskates, or even thrifty, we just know a bargain when we see it, and seeing as much live music as we can is our kind of bargain. We've never understood how someone can slip in the door minutes before the headliner takes the stage, missing the support act and a better vantage point once the show starts. It's those support acts that often excite us the most, and if I have to explain why, you just might be one those people who show up late.

Last Tuesday night, with our 19 year old nephew in tow, we made the 90 minute drive South to Birmingham to catch Oxford, Mississippi's synth-pop band And The Echo at the Bottletree Cafe. The cafe has become our favorite venue in the city, with a capacity of about 200, local beer on tap, and a fantastic menu, we never leave dissatisfied. Most performances at at the cafe can be seen for less than $15, an incredible bargain we might add. After seeing the support act, a Birmingham 3-piece folk band, War Jacket, we know we got our money's worth. We're suckers for folk music, but we're bigger suckers for ukuleles, and the biggest suckers of them all for a cello, War Jacket featured all of that. We went in as a fan of the synth-pop headliner, and came out a fan of War Jacket. We're planning to see Glen Hansard in Birmingham next February, albeit at a larger venue, and wouldn't be surprised if we were joined that evening by the band.

The band hinted at new music coming soon, in the interim, here's a selection from their 2011 LP

Live Like You're Going Home

. Stream it below while checking out our photos from the show.

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