Song of the Day - Ash In The Sun by Vundabar

When Boston surf-rock trio Vundabar's new single crossed the desks here at Aimless Skylarking, I was a bit curious about the surf rock tag. Not because I didn't know what it was, but because there's been an influx of submissions lately promising a surf rock sound. Some capture the sound, and some fall short. Vundabar captures it completely with their new single, 'Ash In The Sun'. It's buzzy, fun, and recalls the carefree days of my aimless youth even if I grew up miles from any beach.

Self described as sludgy, jangly, jolly fellows, Brandon, Drew, and Zack just played their debut UK gig last week and are currently touring France. In the States they've supported Mac DeMarco and Bass Drum of Death.  Their new EP is out next week.

Give 'Ash In The Sun' a few spins, it's my Song of the Day!

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