Song of the Day - The Bench by Primitive Parts

Do you know what might be better than a 2-minute blast of indie-pop/punk? How about a 3-minute blast? I can hear the groans over that stinker of a joke all the way across the ocean, ugh, but it was the best I could come up with after typing away and editing photos after 2 glasses of wine.

Anyway, today's Song of the Day is a bit of laziness on my part mainly because I'm about to feature a band I just spoke about less than a week ago, Primitive Parts. And because of the two glasses of said wine. Red if you must know, something out of North Georgia, and no it isn't a screw off cap. It's actually quite delicious. Heard the reds are good for the heart, not sure about that, good for the confidence maybe, bad for the head the next morning though.

Wow, that went way off track, I blame the wine. So, last time it was Primitive Parts' infinitely fun track, 'TV Wheels', today is the flipside to the 7 inch, 'The Bench'. And guess what? It follows the same formula as that slice of fun. I even bought the digital 7 inch ($16 shipped to the States was far too rich for my blood this time) and have listened to it incessantly since. Stream 'The Bench' below, it's the Song of the Day!

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