Song of the Day - Cups by T0W3RS

A few contradictions I need to address. I claim to dislike synth-pop yet I'm a big supporter of Empathy Test and And The Echo. I really dislike country music, abhor it, yet I just went to what might have been the best live show I've seen this year, a country artist, Sturgill Simpson. But, you'll never ever convince me to like dance music. Right?

So, why is T0W3RS infectious fun track 'Cups' making me want to dance? Something I've not done without the aid of a 25¢ beer night many moons ago. The boss was terribly amused that night, I might add. Perhaps I like 'Cups because it's not the vapid dance pop I'm used to hearing on FM radio. Honestly, I'm putting too much thought into it. T0W3RS new album, TL;DR, is out this week, and I'm anxious to hear more.

If you're thinking TL;DR, stream 'Cups' below, it's my Song of the Day!

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