Song of the Day - Go Easy by The Echo and The Always

Earlier this year during my Welsh music discovery phase, I stumbled across the Cardiff based 5-piece The Echo and The Always and their sweetly devastating track 'A Love'. It smacked of heartbreak, made all the more telling by frontwoman Laura Hancock's pained vocal delivery. Well, I haven't forgotten about the band, just being busy is my excuse, and it seems they've just released some new material. This time they've let the guitar speak a little louder with the rocking 'Go Easy'. However, the band didn't change the recipe too much, they have a firm grasp on beautiful melodies and affairs of the heart. And this is another must hear hit.  Stream 'Go Easy' below, it's the Song of the Day!

The Echo and The Always are Laura Hancock - Vox, John Harman - Guitar, Dean Harris - Bass, Angela Muir - Trumpet & Keys, and Edd Clemas - Drums.

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