Song of the Day - I Followed You Home by Eliot Sumner

At the end of the year, I'm planning to create a few lists of my favorites -- albums, live shows, singles, and artists to watch. In fact, I'm already working on the lists, but I won't be ranking my favorite EPs. Mainly because there were so many, but if I were to rank them, Eliot Sumner's excellent 'Information' would be high on the list. Personal favorites 'Information' and 'Come Friday' feature Eliot's throaty vocal style, and her penchant for attractive melodies. On her latest single, 'I Followed You Home', the recipe didn't change. Dramatic vocals, sweeping synths, and a driving beat makes it a must not miss track as much as 'Information' and 'Come Friday'. Stream 'I Followed You Home" below, it's my Song of the Day!

Also, the song is free to download on her website.

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