Song of the Day - I Wanna Be Adored

When I finally sit down to rank my favorite albums of 2014, BIRD's 'My Fear and Me' will surely land in the top 5. Might even be top 3, until then, I'll save all of the superlatives it deserves. The ranking will all be a bit bittersweet though as the band announced yesterday they would no longer be performing under the name, BIRD. I'm a slave to social media, and follow all my favorite bands, and I had seen some well wishes and so forth leading up to the announcement, but it is still shocking. There hasn't been a formal announcement about the future of the band members, but I suspect a name change coming.

When the announcement was made, the band released a new single with a new band name, I am the Mountain. I'm not sure if that'll stick, but it works for now. An already heard masterpiece is the title track, but the new track, 'I Wanna Be Adored', is the star here. And I'll tell you why, there's anger in this song. Sure, 'My Fear and Me', covered just about every emotion, but never lashed out like 'I Wanna Be Adored'. I like it. Adele's voice veers off in directions we've not heard before, and Sian's guitar work is otherworldly. And it works. I don't think I'd want a whole album of this, but the contrast works in the context of their current slate of songs. And I think it fits the moment. This moment, the closing of a chapter in their lives.

I'm anxious to hear what's next for the band. As long as their voices haven't been silenced, I'm going to be a fan. Stream the amazing 'I Wanna Be Adored' below, it's my Song of the Day!

To buy, Bandcamp.