Song of the Day - If It Does by Robin Bacior

I'm pretty much a sucker for a folky lament. When that lament is presented with the loveliest of voices, my attention has been captured. Toss in the saddest instrument of all, a cello, which by the way sounds like angels crying, for the knock-out punch. That punch was delivered by Robin Bacior's stunning track 'If It Does'. I'm sure you'll feel the same way when you hear Robin's evocative voice, and that ever so sad instrument wielded by Dan Bindschedler.

Tales of woe and sorrow are hardly fun affairs, more therapeutic than anything else, but absolutely vital. They serve as reminders of how messy life can get, and how we react to those tragedies. Robin's LP 'Water Dreams' is set for a January 13, 2015 release. Stream and love 'If It Does' below, it's my Song of the Day.

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