Song of the Day - Love, The Way It Hurts by Rod Ladgrove

After featuring our first Australian artist a few days back, Tully on Tully, we've decided to continue the trend with another Australian artist, Rod Ladgrove. Signed to Triple Double Records out of Adelaide, Rod's folky track 'Love, The Way It Hurts' is getting attention on social media after exposure on ABC and college radio. The label's press release compared his work to Nick Drake and Elliot Smith.      

While I don't necessarily agree with the Nick Drake and Elliot Smith comparisons, maybe in composition, but not vocally, that's not a bad thing though. Having that weight heaped upon anyone is a recipe for failure. Rod has a bright, expressive voice, and deftly weaves his acoustic guitar through the tricky subject matter. This is late night contemplative music, it's my Song of the Day, stream it below.       

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