Song of the Day - My Device by WOOF

When I contacted WOOF for bio information, a press kit, or something like that, the reply I got from WOOF was "I'm just a dude making music out of my living room, don't really know what I'm doing."  Fair enough, I responded with "I'm a clueless guy writing about folks making music in their living room." I think we're on equal ground now. It's not that I require those things, but it does help to fill in some space in between my blatherings.

I still didn't get any information about the artist. Looking to Facebook, I found that WOOF is Kelan Bonislawski out of New York City. His Soundcloud page shows about 6 months of activity, with 15-16 tracks, two with several thousand streams. 'My Device' is one of those tracks, and it's deserved.

For a guy who doesn't know what he's doing, WOOF sure put together the perfect tune about the object of ire, and desire, a cell phone. I found myself laughing, well, knowingly nodding with a smile a few times when listening. Stream the excellent 'My Device' below, it's my Song of the Day.