Song of the Day - Rabbit Hole by RiotHorse

Skimming through some old emails, I found something I had emailed to myself and promptly forgot about. At the time, the band was featured on just about every blog I read and keep up with, so maybe the cool down period was needed. Now, a month later, the song is just as strong as it was then. Dreamy pop vocal harmonies and a driving beat will keep this on the top of many playlists, including my own. Some bloggers compared the band's sound to Warpaint, and I definitely agree with that assessment. It's a strong first effort, and makes me anxious to hear more.    

The Los Angeles based RiotHorse is the side project of Emily Greene and Madi Diaz. According to their sparse website, a debut EP is coming soon, 'The Guest House'. The lead single 'Rabbit Hole' is my Song of the Day, stream it below.

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